2017-2018 EHHS External Review


The College of Education, Health and Human Services (EHHS) conducted a self-study at the end of the fall 2017 semester. The report has three main components, starting with the college-wide section, which frames the entire unit. The second section is school and administrative unit specific. It consists of six separate reports on a uniform template, allowing each school and service area to respond for their unique context. The final section of the report is a series of documents for context.

2017 College of EHHS Self-Study


Site Visit and External Review

A team of three external reviewers conducted a site visit in spring 2018. Given the challenges facing the College of EHHS, their comprehensive review of the self-study report, and their findings from the site visit, the external review team offered suggestions in the following categories: finances, online education, organizational structure, communication/marketing, student services, staff, and research support.

College of EHHS External Review Team Report


If you have questions about the self-study or external review team report, please contact the EHHS Office of Assessment & Accreditation.