EHHS Diversity Committee

At Kent State University, we define diversity as differences that come in a variety of socioeconomic levels, opinions, abilities, experiences, cultures, races, ethnicities, genders, gender identities and expressions, national origins, religions, languages, appearances, personalities and many other types of human distinctions between individuals and groups. In summary, diversity can be defined as the presence of difference.

Diversity is valued as a universal approach to increasing the quality of education. Diversity is the core principle, which in its broadest sense incorporates equity and inclusive excellence.


VISION for EHHS Diversity Committee

A community committed to social justice, equity, and inclusion.



Advocating for the creation of social and political spaces; striving for justice and equity through critique; enhancing inclusivity by exploring and making explicit connections among community members, Kent State University, and the community-at-large on all dimensions of identity. Learn more about the goals of the Diversity Committee


Please note: The Office of Diversity Outreach and Development was established within the College of Education, Health and Human Services to provide outreach support and programs focused on increasing the success of students of color within our college at Kent State University. This office is located in 206 White Hall. Come visit us in our office or our website.