Instructor Resources

  • Sign into your Flashline account.
  • On the left sidebar, click “Employee,” then click “Resources,” and then click “Additional Employee Resources.”
  • Within the main portion of your window, click on the block that says “Taskstream” or “Watermark (Taskstream).” A new tab will open and you should be automatically signed into your account. However, if you are asked to sign in, then use your Flashline username and password.

>> Instructors Evaluating in Taskstream LAT [PDF]
This guide will walk you through how to evaluate using Taskstream LAT. The content covered in this guide is also available in Part II of the training video series: “Evaluating in Taskstream LAT.”

>> Linking Blackboard to Taskstream LAT [PDF]
This guide will walk you through how to create a Taskstream folder in Blackboard. Linking the two systems will allow you and your students to sign into Taskstream by clicking on the folder. 

>> Part I: Taskstream LAT Basics [Video - 02:14]
Topics: A) What is Taskstream? B) When do I need to use it?

>> Part II: Evaluating in Taskstream LAT [Video - 10:21]
Topics: A) Taskstream terminology B) How to evaluate in Taskstream: A step-by-step for internal evaluators 

>> Taskstream Requirements by Education Major