EHHS Featured Researchers: Spring 2021

Dr. Insook Kim
Dr. insook kim

School of teaching, learning and curriculum studies

Dr. Insook Kim is an associate professor in the Department of Physical Education in the School of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies and currently serving as a program coordinator. Dr. Kim has worked as a physical education teacher in public middle schools and received her Ph.D. in physical education teacher education in 2011. 

Dr. Kim's research focuses on teaching effectiveness in K-12 physical education. She has focused in particular on what teachers know about their subject matter and how to translate it into meaningful instruction for students. She has published 20 top-tier journal articles, three chapters in edited books, and ten peer-reviewed abstracts. Dr. Kim has given twenty-nine presentations at the international, national, and state/local level during the past eight years working at KSU. Dr. Kim is part of an international research team with collaborators from the USA, Belgium, Turkey, Japan, China, and South Korea. Both individually and collectively, the research studies produced by this group are the largest studies of their kind in the world that have been conducted on teacher knowledge in physical education. 

Dr. Kim’s research efforts have impacted the design of the new SHAPE America National Standards for Initial Physical Education (SHAPE, 2017). A "Research Fellow" status was reserved for a member who has made significant and sustained contributions to scholarship in the areas of interest of SHAPE America – the largest national organization of health and physical educators.

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Dr. Ching-I Chen
Dr. Ching-i chen

School of lifespan development and educational sciences

Dr. Ching-I Chen is an Associate Professor in the Special Education Program and a Global Teacher Education Fellow of Longview Foundation. She teaches in the early childhood intervention focus area. Dr. Chen's research lines of inquiry include (1) the development and application of culturally responsive early childhood assessment tools; and (2) personnel development in early childhood intervention. She is a researcher in a UNESCO Chair Program: Screening and Evaluation of Early Childhood Development and has examined cultural impacts on child development, adaptations and technical adequacy of assessment tools, and effects of pre-service and in-service training programs through national and international research collaborations. Her work has been published in scholarly journals such as Infants and Young Children, Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, and Journal of Early Intervention. Dr. Chen currently directs a federally funded personnel preparation grant, titled "Project INPREP: Interdisciplinary Preparation in Early Childhood Professions", which focuses on preparing highly competent preschool special educators and school psychologists. 

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