What, when, and how do I submit?

What  do  i  submit?

In Taskstream AMS, the components of the annual assessment report are grouped under a few different categories that need to be submitted. That said, the following categories are what constitute the annual assessment report/need to be submitted:

  • Current Assessment Cycle:
    • Assessment Plan
    • Assessment Findings
    • Action Plan, if needed
    • Status Report, if needed
  • Next Assessment Cycle:
    • Assessment Plan 

When  do  I  submit?  December  1st

The above items are due by Dec. 1  for all programs within the College of EHHS.  

How  do  I  Submit?

Use the Submission and Read Reviews" tab to submit the different sections of your report. Please view the second page of the Submitting to AMS Guide for detailed instructions and screenshot examples.