Post-Leave Report

No later than two months following completion of a Faculty Professional Improvement Leave, the Faculty member must submit a summary report of the outcomes of the leave. This report should include a discussion of how the objectives of the leave were met and expected future outcomes that might result from the leave. This report should be submitted to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost, with copies going to the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and Curriculum, the Dean of UL, and the secretary of UL CAC. A copy of any end-product(s) should also be included with the report sent to the Dean of UL and the secretary of the UL CAC. The secretary of UL CAC will distribute copies to the members of CAC. In the case of regional campus faculty, copies must also be sent to the Executive Dean for Regional Campuses and the campus Dean.

1/2/98 (original policy)
Revision approved by UL Faculty, 2/7/2008
Revision approved by UL Faculty, 9/14/10

Receipt acknowledged by the Provost's Office, 9/1710

Final approval, 8/31/11