A faculty member may submit requests for funding up to two weeks after the end of the event for which funding is desired. However, the FPTC would prefer to receive funding requests in advance of actual travel.

Applications that are incomplete will be returned to the traveling faculty member who will then need to resubmit a request for review and action at the next regular meeting of the FPTC.

In order to minimize delays in reviewing and processing of a request, the following guidelines are provided to assist faculty in submitting applications:

1) A faculty member completes a travel reimbursement request form and saves it as a draft using the University "Expense Reimbursement " system. When completing the form, the traveling faculty member should indicate the type of travel (administrative or professional) and his/her role (i.e., presenting, attending, committee member) in the "Notes" field of the form. The draft form should be printed and the printed copy should be submitted to the traveling faculty member's supervisor. After approving the proposed absence, the supervisor routes the form to the Budget Office. After processing by the Budget Office, the request is routed to the Chair of the FPTC for each "professional travel" request.

2) Once the FPTC reviews the form and makes its recommendation, the Chair completes the "Recommendation for Faculty Professional Travel Funds" form, attaches it to the print-out from the "Expense Reimbursement" system, forwards it to the Budget Office, and then notifies the faculty member of the funding recommendation from the FPTC.

3) Upon receipt of the forms, the Budget Office routes them to the Budget Officer for final review and action. At this point, the faculty member will receive an email notification stating the approved funding level.

4) Within one month of returning from travel for which reimbursement has been approved, the faculty member revises the draft expense reimbursement for actual expenses, submits the request for approval and forwards a print-out of the request with all relevant receipts to the Budget Office. The faculty member's authorized reimbursement may be forfeited if not received within one month of travel due to the need to encumber funds. If for some reason the faculty member cannot submit receipts within a month, he/she should notify the Budget Officer, who may be able to extend the submission period.

5) If for some reason the faculty member does not attend a conference, etc., for which reimbursement authorization was approved, the Budget Officer and the Chair of the FPTC must be notified immediately.