Record-Keeping and Reporting

Finalized applications become part of each faculty member's personnel file and are open for review. The Chair of the FPTC will retain copies of travel requests for the current fiscal year and the preceding two fiscal years.

The Chair of the FPTC will prepare a financial report for the late fall semester and late spring semester meetings of the UL faculty. The Chair of the FPTC will also prepare an annual report at the end of the fiscal year. It should be submitted to the Dean of University Libraries and the CAC by July 31.


Recommendation for Faculty Professional Travel Funds

Name ________________________________________________________________

Date: ________________________________________________________________

Meeting (name and date): ________________________________________________



 Role of traveler: ________________________________________________________



 Request approved: _____________________________________________________

 Request denied: _______________________________________________________

 Amount of funding recommended: ________________________________________

Chair, Faculty Professional Travel Committee, Date ___________________________

Library Budget Officer, Date ______________________________________________

Adopted by UL Faculty: 5/10/2005;
Revised by CAC: 9/14/05