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International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) is a network of more than 300 institutions in over 50 countries. As a nonprofit organization, ISEP’s mission is to make the transformative experience of studying, interning and volunteering abroad accessible and affordable for everyone by breaking down the financial and academic barriers. Kent State University and ISEP have had a partnership for 8+ years. This partnership allows Kent State students to apply to any of the ISEP programs.


  • ISEP programs are immersive and life changing, allowing students to gain crosscultural understanding and respect for others.
  • It offers an impressive and affordable array of programs among a global community of universities in more than 50 countries.
  • Students can participate in semesterlong, full-year, or summer programs for any field of study, as well as service learning and internship programs.
  • With ISEP Exchange programs, you can go abroad anywhere in the ISEP network while paying Kent State University equivalent tuition, housing and meals. This then enables a student from another ISEP member university to take your place. You might even be able to apply scholarships or financial aid that you normally receive.
  • ISEP Direct programs are often the best value available, offering low-cost options, guaranteed placement at the university of choice and a thoughtfully customized experience.
  • ISEP also offers scholarships for their programs, with many focused on underserved student populations as well as opportunities for students studying a language or in specific locations around the world.


Universidad de Vigo, Spain

Program Dates

The exact dates for ISEP Exchange and Direct programs vary from institution to institution due to differences in the academic calendar of the host institutions and Kent State. Some programs may only be available for a spring semester, a fall semester or an academic year; therefore, it is best to consult with your ISEP program coordinator to determine the exact dates.

Program Locations

ISEP offers nearly 250 universities and colleges in more than 50 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceana and South America. More information on specific programs can be found on the ISEP website.

Orientation and Support

All students participating in an ISEP Exchange or Direct program is required to attend a mandatory two-hour Pre-departure Orientation Session in the semester before departure; sessions are held in the Springs semester for Summer, Fall and Academic year programs and in the Fall semester for Spring programs. Dates, times, and locations of the Pre-departure Orientation Sessions will be communicated to students via email by the Education Abroad Staff. Attendance is taken at these sessions and parents are welcome to join.

ISEP will also require student to attend and participate in ISEP’s Pre-departure Orientation, students will need to pay attention to emails from ISEP with regards to the dates, times and locations.

Additionally, upon arrival to the host country, students will also attend an on-site orientation session or an orientation week, that will be provided by the host institution staff. It is the responsibility of the student to attend all mandatory meetings, as this is when important information is explained regarding university emergency procedures, course registration, and language proficiency testing (if needed), among other important topics.


Upon acceptance to the exchange program by ISEP, Kent State University and the host institution, participants will be responsible for purchasing their own flights to and from the host destination. It is recommended that students purchase airfare through a reputable website or travel agent and consider purchasing travel insurance at the time of booking. Flights for ISEP Exchange and Direct programs are considered an out-of-pocket expense and are not able to be billed to the student’s Bursar account.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

It is possible for students to use their financial aid and scholarships for participation in an ISEP Exchange or Direct program. There are many education abroad scholarships available through Kent State University and also through ISEP. To learn more about using financial aid and scholarships for your ISEP program, we recommend meeting with the Financial Aid Counselors for Education Abroad. To schedule an advising appointment with Financial Aid, please visit KSU Advising or email

Program Coordinator

Margaret Hosack, Education Abroad Advisor 

Email: Phone: 330-672-7982

Kent State University – Office of Global Education 106 Van Campen Hall – Kent, Ohio 44242


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