Kent State Exchanges

Why Kent State Exchanges?

Explore a New Culture

Great Sphinx of Giza with two pyramids in the background.
Kent State exchange programs provide students with the opportunity to become fully immersed in the local culture and customs of the host institution. Take the time to practice or learn a foreign language, attend a traditional ceremony or festival, or ask questions to better understand cultural differences. With unique locations across the world, exchange programs allow students to live anywhere from a large, metropolitan city to a smaller, rural community. 
Personal Growth

Student reaching hands upward in a dark room filled with mirrors. Blue and yellow light fixtures are reflecting off all surfaces.
With an exchange program, a student will travel independently to their host country and may not know any other participants prior to arrival. Exchange students typically complete coursework alongside students from the host institution and other international students, thus providing many opportunities to develop new friendships and learn about other cultures! Participation in an exchange program is an exceptional way to learn about oneself, practice independence, explore new worldviews, and become a savvy traveler.  
Professional Development

A student standing in front of a red brick building covered in ivy at Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan.
Set yourself apart in the job market by adding an exchange program to your resume! Students who participate in exchange programs learn lifelong skills that employers find to be desirable, including creative problem-solving, intercultural communication, enhanced leadership capabilities, inquisitiveness, self-awareness, adaptability, patience, and listening. Many exchange program participants also note the value of building a global network of fellow students and faculty members prior to graduation.
Increased Global Awareness

Statue of a temple guard with a dragon in hand at Gyeongju Bulguksa Temple in South Korea.
Studying abroad is a truly eye-opening experience wherever you go! Exposure to new ways of life and new languages will help to mold your worldviews and challenge the way you have previously lived, helping you to become a truly global citizen. 
Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime

A smiling student posing with a sloth in Costa Rica.
From bustling cities to quiet countryside and sunny beaches to the highest mountains, the world is your playground while you are participating in an exchange program! Enjoy weekend travels to new cities and countries, try new foods with interesting ingredients, discover hidden gems in your host location, and celebrate the memories that are being made through this incredible journey!