2023 Academic Year Progress

Throughout the 2023 academic year, the Reenvisioning Kent Core steering committee worked diligently to engage the campus community so that the Kent Core is consistent with the university’s mission and vision and prepares students for success.

Key Areas

During the fall and spring semesters our work focused on:

  • Completion of Faculty Listening Tours
  • Formation and work of three subcommittees:
    • Design
    • Distinctiveness
    • Budgetary Reform
Design Subcommittee

Initial focus on six areas of student outcomes:

  • Effective Communication
  • Information Literacy
  • Ethical, Equitable, Socially Responsible Decision-Making Skills
  • Effective Collaboration Skills
  • Self-Discovery and Personal Development
  • Creative, Critical and Integrative Thinking Skills

Current work:

  • Use Q-Sort to inform prioritization of strategies (educational experiences) supporting student outcomes 

Design Subcommittee Membership:

  • David Dees, Associate Professor (Co-chair)
  • Jenny Marcinkiewicz, Associate Professor & Director CTL (Co-chair)
  • Tina Bhargava, Associate Professor
  • Ken Bindas, Professor
  • Laurie Camp, Director I
  • JR Campbell, Executive Director
  • Nathanuel Cooper, Graduate Student 
  • Jen Cunningham, Associate Professor
  • Mike Ensley, Associate Professor
  • Vicki Gutierrez, Senior Instructional Designer
  • Ellie Hansen, Director, Academic Advising
  • Shannon Helfinstine, Associate Director Assessment
  • Robert Kairis, Library Director, RC
  • Megan Krippel, Director II
  • Sydney Maller, Undergraduate Student
  • Jennifer McCullough, Associate Professor
  • Mindy Nett, Associate Professor
  • Andrew Palmer, Assessment & Accreditation Coordinator
  • Lex Patton, Undergraduate Student
  • James Redfearn, Assistant Professor
  • Renee Roll, Associate Professor
  • Mary Russell, Associate Professor
  • Deb Smith, Professor
  • Keith Smith, Associate Director
  • Blake Stringer, Associate Professor
  • Molly Wang, Professor
  • Deirdre Warren, Associate Dean
  • Maria Zaragoza, Chairperson
  • Kathy Zarges, Assistant Dean
Distinctiveness Subcommittee

Identified four broad themes that encompass distinctiveness:

  •  Culture of Care, Access, and Community
  •  Civic responsibility builds from the past toward a future vision 
  •  Local to international partnerships lead to cross-  cultural learning 
  •  Innovations to improve the world   

Embedded in these four themes developed initial list of items that are distinct to Kent State University.

Distinctiveness Subcommittee Membership:

  • Charmaine Crawford, Associate Professor (Co-chair)
  • Robin Vande Zande, Professor (Co-chair)
  • Denise Bartell, Associate Provost
  • Craig Berger, Associate Director, Community Engaged Learning
  • Greg Blundell, Professor
  • Mark Bracher, Professor
  • Kenneth Burhanna, Dean, University Libraries
  • AJ Conway, Assistant Dean, Special Initiatives
  • Neil Cooper, School Director
  • Amber Cruxton, Director, Education Abroad
  • Michael Fisch, Associate Professor
  • Ashley Galati, Associate Professor
  • Marie Gasper-Hulvat, Associate Professor
  • Carla Goar, Director, Anti-Racism Equity Institute
  • Sarah Harvey, Professor
  • Jay Hays, Academic Program Director
  • Leslie Heaphy, Associate Professor
  • Elda Hegmann, Associate Professor
  • Jonghan Hyun, Assistant Professor
  • Sameer Jaleel, Associate Chief Information Officer
  • Valerie Kelly, Associate Vice President, Continuing & Distance Education
  • Ashley Maher, Assistant Director, Academic Partnerships
  • Alicia Marchand, Senior Applications Support Analyst
  • Shelley Marshall, Associate Lecturer
  • Eboni Pringle, Senior Associate Vice President and Dean, University College
  • Alyssa Robinson, Director, Philanthropy
  • Jessica Roshak, Assistant Director, Student Leadership Development
  • James Seelye, Associate Professor
  • Elizabeth Sinclair, Assistant Dean, ACCBE
  • Sarah Smiley, Provost Fellow
  • Kedron Trapp, Director, Strategic Communication & External Engagement
  • Laurie Wagner, Associate Professor
  • Theresa Walton-Fisette, Professor
  • Lana Whitehead, Assistant Vice President, Lifelong Learning
  • Seth Young, Undergraduate Student
  • Melissa Zullo, Interim Associate Dean, Public Health
Budgetary Reform Subcommittee

Four areas of initial focus:

  • Costs associated with offering different courses; 
  • Identifying the pedagogical best practices in offering Core courses; 
  • Decisions in Core offerings and role of budgetary model 
  • Budgetary Model and Gen Ed at other universities

Initial take-away and future work:

  • Data suggests that the current budget model is influencing discussions and decisions around the Kent Core 
  • Further explore effect of budget model on Kent Core
  • Integrate work with design and distinctiveness committees

Budgetary Subcommittee Membership:

  • Mandy Munro-Stasiuk, Dean (Co-chair)
  • Lock Reynolds, Professor (Co-chair)
  • Leigh Archibald, Director, Academic Budget
  • Andrew Barnes, Associate Professor
  • Bradley Bielski, Dean & Chief Administrative Officer KSU at RC
  • Marie Bukowski, Associate Dean
  • Alicia Crowe, Associate Dean
  • Ryan Hediger, Professor
  • Ben Hollis, Executive Director, Kent State Online
  • Mike Johnson, Associate Vice President, University Budget & Financial Analysis
  • Bathi Kasturiarachi, Associate Professor
  • Darci Kracht, Professor
  • Mary Kutchin, Associate Lecturer
  • Deepraj Mukherjee, Associate Professor
  • Colby Reinhart, Undergraduate Student
  • Dirk Remley, Professor
  • Sean Veney, Associate Professor
Next Steps

Phase V – Summer 2023 (June – August) 

  • Design and launch Advisor Listening Tour.
  • Use subcommittees recommendations to begin research on infrastructure and implementation.
  • Develop strategy to conduct Student Listening Tours.
  • Complete data analysis of Academic Unit Listening Tour, NSSE data (2014, 2017, 2020) and Advisor data (2018).
  • Launch Alumni Phone Campaign.

Phase VI – Fall 2023 (September – December) 

  • Fall Kickoff Summit (details TBD).
  • Finalize initial phase of Budgetary Reform, Design and Distinctiveness subcommittee work. 
  • Subcommittee work focusing on:
    • Diversity Requirement
    • Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR)
    • Writing Intensive Requirement
    • Integrative and Interdisciplinary Experiences
    • Competency and Skill-Based Learning
    • College Credit Plus (CCP), Transfer Credits, and Associate Degrees
  • Create Core Sustainability Subcommittee.
  • Develop initial Pilot Implementation Strategy.
    • Present Pilot Implementation Strategy to Academic Units and stakeholders.

Phase VII – Spring 2024 (January – May) 

  • Begin Pilot phase (contingent on feedback from Faculty Senate).
  • Begin assessment of Pilot with AAC&U Assessment Rubrics.

Phase VIII – Summer 2024 (June – August) 

  • To be determined.

Phase IX – Fall 2024 (September – December) 

  • Present Implementation Strategy to Faculty Senate. 

Phase X – Spring 2025 (January – May) 

  • To be determined.

Phase XI – Summer 2025 (June – August) 

  • To be determined.

Phase XII – Fall 2025 (September – December) 

  • Implementation for Freshman Fall 2025 Cohort through Fall 2028. 

This timeline is subject to change and will continue to be updated.

Follow this link to see the full timeline.

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