Why choose Kent State?

A Friendly and Stimulating Intellectual Environment

Kent State University is a large public university located in Northeast Ohio. With more than 33,000 students combined at the Kent campus and seven regional campuses, Kent State University is one of 76 public higher-research universities, categorized by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Kent is also ranked in the top-tier list of Best National Universities by U.S. News & World Report.

What KSU graduate students love…

About the program:
  • The collaborative, supportive and friendly community
  • A highly productive, internationally recognized faculty
  • The quantitative minor
  • Support for conference travel
  • Spacious, newly renovated facilities
  • Large subject pool for research
  • A 10+ year 100% clinical match rate
  • Graduates’ success in obtaining academic research positions
About the area:


“The program faculty are always willing to meet if I have questions, and they always want to hear concerns and comments to improve the program.”
          -2nd year child clinical student

“I was so pleasantly surprised by the area. As someone who moved across the country to be here, I wasn't expecting a lot from Ohio--but it has really impressed me! It's actually really beautiful around here, there are so many beautiful parks to explore nearby, and it's a quick drive to larger cities and all they have to offer.”
-4th year social-health student

“The kind of people that are attracted and accepted here are generally really easy to get along with.”
-4th year cognitive student

There are diverse course offerings, but the course requirements are flexible, not burdensome. “
          -3rd year experimental student

My favorite thing about the clinical program at Kent State is the collegial atmosphere among the graduate students. Rather than competition, there is an attitude of support and collaboration.”
          -5th year child clinical student

To me, Kent is a beautiful hybrid of a town. It has a Midwestern feel to it which makes it comfortable, but also has (and is in driving distance of) a lot of culture and diversity. You can go hiking in a national park and see the symphony all in one weekend.”
          -2nd year social-health student

One of the appealing qualities about the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at Kent State was the quality and level of expertise of the faculty members on staff.”
          -3rd year clinical student

The quantitative strengths of the program are commendable. Many of the faculty are quant experts and have the ability to teach others their expertise.”
          -3rd year social-health student