Student Achievements & Awards

Current Graduate Student Awards and Honors

Jason Anderson awarded University Fellowship  AY 2019-2020. Dr. Spitznagel, mentor.

Jason Anderson awarded Drotar-Crawford Fellowship AY 2019-2020. Dr. Spitznagel, mentor.   

Nola Daley, continued funding on NSF graduate research fellowship award. Dr. Rawson, mentor.

Elizabeth Ruzicka, Top 10 Abstracts Award, The Obesity Society Research in Diverse Populations Section Leadership. Dr. Sato, mentor.

Elizabeth Ruzicka, Elected SPP Division 54 Pediatric Obesity Special Interest Group Student Trainee Member at Large, and SPP Division 54 Student Advisory Board member. Dr. Sato, mentor.

Keaton Sommerville, Graduate Dean Award. Dr. Neal, mentor.

Caroline West, APA Div. 54/Society of Pediatric Psychology, Obesity SIG Student Poster Award, and Div. 54 Student Travel Award, Dr. Sato, mentor.

Academic Positions for Graduating/Recent Ph.D. Students

Elle Brennan, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar, Mayo Clinic. Dr. Flessner, mentor.

Katy Darling, Ph.D., Engagement in Weight Management for Adolescents from Low-SES Backgrounds, NRSA Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship Award (F32) through the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. F32 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center at the Miriam Hospital, Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Dr. Sato, mentor.

Martale Davis, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellow, Atlanta VA. Dr. Neal, mentor.  

Brian Don, Ph.D., Postdoc at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (PI: Sara Algoe). Dr. J. Updegraff, mentor.

Amy Fahrenkamp, Ph.D., Clinical Child Medical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow at Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN. Dr. Sato, mentor.

Ryan Lackner, Ph.D. Psychologist, VAMC, Salt Lake City, UT. Dr. Fresco, mentor.

Yolanda Murphy, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar, Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Flessner, mentor.

Jessica Sharp, Ph.D., Post-doctoral fellow at Davidson College. Dr. Riccio and Dr. Fountain, mentors.

Kathrine Shepherd, Ph.D.,  Psychologist, VAMC Portland, OR. Dr. Fresco, mentor.

Gail Williams-Kerver, Ph.D., NIMH-funded T32 Postdoctoral Fellowship at Sanford Research in Fargo, ND.  The training grant focuses on eating disorders research. Dr. Crowther, mentor.

Amanda Zamary, Ph.D., Post-doctoral fellow at Duke University. Dr. Rawson, mentor.