We’re excited to have launched the Environmental Science and Design Research Initiative last fall!

The ESDRI is committed to supporting research concerning both natural and built systems and advancing conversations about the complex, dynamic relationships between humanity and the environment in this new era of global human influence – the Anthropocene. In support of this mission, we’ve developed opportunities and programming to build our research community.

With support from the Division of Research and Economic Development, we will provide opportunities that aid faculty in developing innovative products and solutions, collaborative research efforts, and procure extramural funding for research related to one or more of ESDRI’s areas of focus.

These include water resources, hydrology, and biogeochemistry; Planning, urban design, landscape design, built ecologies, and settlement patterns; architecture, product design, fashion and the environment; human health and well-being; Socioeconomic systems and the environment; ecology and the evolution of biological diversity; and bio-design.

The stories in this section offer just a sample of the great research we conduct in these areas every day. We hope you enjoy them.

Dr. Christopher Blackwood,
Diane Davis-Sikora, RA