Guest Artist Submission Form

Guidelines and Process for Guest Artists

All costs (travel, lodging, honorariums, etc.) and activities (class visits, Q & A’s, demonstrations, or performances) must be discussed and approved before any announcements may be shared with students/ public.

Director will keep Guest Artist Committee appraised as to available funds.

Guest Artist Request Form

Guidelines for guest artist Visits

There are two primary ways that guest artists are secured:

  • A faculty, student or staff member proposes a guest to their areas (either for specific classes or to benefit their area in general) and extends invitations to the guest and shepherds the proposal process through their area, and also serves as host for the guest’s visit.
  • A guest (often an alum) contacts faculty and offers to teach or speak while visiting Kent and will pay their own expenses, expecting no honorarium. It necessary to file a proposal form, but we do want to keep track of visitors. The area may still decide to offer some sort of compensation, but within guidelines below.

* Special situations regarding alumni-initiated visits: Alumni often drop in for visits and enjoy participating in classes on an informal basis. These visits are appreciated but not financially supported unless arrangements are made in advance through the guest artist process through each Area (D/T, Performance, DAN).


Persons proposing a guest artist will be expected to serve as the guest’s ”Host” or liaison during the visit, as well as primary promoter, cheerleader, and translator, if needed.

Guests with School-wide Impact

Areas who pursue guest artist initiatives that have a school-wide impact should also be considered as guests for specific school/ College supported programs, i.e. Schroth series, Roe Green Guest Director series, Armstrong Family series, Ferris Dance series.


  • Proposals should be approved by the Guest Artist Committee two weeks prior to the anticipated visit.
  • Decision of the Guest Artist committee is determined and final outcome shared by School Director.
  • Proposals approved by the areas or Leadership Team are submitted to the coordinator of theatre operations for payment and travel arrangements as soon as they are approved (or denied).

Guidelines for determining average costs for faculty/area-initiated visits*:

  • 50 minutes: $50.00
  • 75 minutes: $75.00
  • 110 minutes: $110.00
  • 180 minutes: $180.00
  • 240 minutes: $375.00


  • Will lodging be offered?
  • Will travel reimbursement be offered or payment of a bus ticket? Use university mileage rates, etc.
  • Will any meals be offered? Please stay within per diem guidelines and College policies.
  • Will there be any supply costs for the session