Kent State Dance Students Highlight New Dance Works in “Dance '22: Shifting Landscapes”

Kent, OH – Kent State University’s School of Theatre and Dance continued its 2022-2023 production season with the Dance '22: Shifting Landscapes. The concert was presented in E. Turner Stump Theatre Fri., Dec. 2 through Sun., Dec. 4, 2023.

Dance '22: Shifting Landscapes


This concert featured choreography by Kent State faculty members Jennifer Black, Alice Blumenfeld, Samuel McIntosh, Erin S. Smith, and Mark Smith, performed by Kent State dance majors and minors. Of the seven works, Kent State University’s School of Theatre and Dance was honored to present two legacy dance treasures created by renowned choreographers Donald McKayle, staged by assistant professor of dance Ambre Emory-Maier and performed by guest artist Lori A. Lindsey, and Heinz Poll, staged by assistant professor of dance and artistic director of the Kent Dance Ensemble Catherine Meredith.

Dance '22: Shifting Landscapes


Dance '22: Shifting Landscapes

Program exerpt from artistic directer, Barbara Allegra Verlezza: 

The dance field, like so many others, has had to make some seismic shifts in these past few years including the most fundamental consideration of live performance versus virtual. It changed the way many of us approached the art of dance making, performing, and presenting. Albeit we find ourselves with the gift of being back in person today, it has forever changed us and embedded in us a profound gratitude for the return of this longtime and beautiful tradition of art sharing. Thank you all for being a part of this moment with us.

Another significant shift has been a deeper and more complex discussion regarding the inclusion of more dance genres, styles, cultural forms, rituals, and perspectives, as well as historical works presented with new realizations and contexts. Today, we present this concert of seven very distinct pieces in homage to this expanded landscape with works inspired by flamenco, contemporary, classic modern, jazz, tap, and hip hop. Of the seven works, we are honored to present two legacy dance treasures created by the renowned choreographers Donald McKayle and Heinz Poll.

Dance '22: Shifting Landscapes
Dance '22: Shifting Landscapes

The production and design team of "Dance ’22: Shifting Landscapes" included artistic director, Barbara Allegra Verlezza; costume design coordinator, Victoria Mearini; costume design by Teresa Crater, Jillian Denning, Aimee Johnson, Clare Lann, Victoria Mearini, Natalie Pozezinsk, and Rebecca Tocchi; lighting design coordinators Amy L. Beery and professor Jakyung C. Seo; lighting design by Molly Doherty, Andy Batchlet, Berit Hazleton, Lauren Downey, Reilly Masi, Lauren Wyatt, Bella Brehm, Bethany Yamaner, and Bethy Winter; sound design by Daniel Braun; Kylie Karam and Mia Savelli are the student directors; Natalya Lindsey was the production stage manager; and Tony Hardin is the School Director and Producer.

Our season continues in the spring of 2023.

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Photo Credit: Bob Christy

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