Kent State University’s School of Theatre and Dance presents Kent Dance Ensemble "On the Cusp" April 5-7

Kent State University’s School of Theatre and Dance continues its 2023-2024 production season with Kent Dance Ensemble "On the Cusp." The concert will be presented in E. Turner Stump Theatre Fri., April 5 through Sun., April 7, 2024.

This concert features choreography by Kent State faculty member Catherine Meredith, founding director of Hartford Ballet and artistic director of Dance St. Louis, Michael Uthoff, internationally renowned and award-winning guest choreographers, Rena Butler, and Norbert De La Cruz III, as well as undergraduate student Jared Warren, all performed by the Kent Dance Ensemble. Of the five works, Kent State University’s School of Theatre and Dance was honored to present Uthoff’s legacy dance treasure, "Murmurs of a Stream" staged by assistant professor of dance Ambre Emory-Maier.

The production and design team of "On the Cusp" includes artistic director, Catherine Meredith; student directors Kylie Karam and Mia Savelli; costume design coordinator, Kathryn Connair; costume design by Morgan Bedilion, Erych Frankenfeld, Suzanne Janes and Victoria Mearini; lighting design by David Bruns, Joe Malovasic and Aiden Zoccali; sound design by Bethy Winters; Lauren Wyatt is the production stage manager; and the School director and producer is Tony Hardin.

Program excerpt from artistic director, Catherine Meredith

As I began the journey of curating this year’s concert, thoughts of time, place, position and mindset unearthed as recurring themes. To be ‘on the cusp’ of something can symbolize a beginning, or an ending and anything in between. For seniors preparing to graduate, they embark on the next passage, while remaining dancers continue the practice of training and developing their artistry. Ultimately, they are all are on the cusp of an individual aspiration.

In selecting Rena Butler, Norbert De La Cruz III, Michael Uthoff and Jared Warren for this year’s program, each choreographer brings with them a unique voice. In individual ways, their work seeks to provoke, stimulate, soothe, inspire and/or educate the viewers in attendance. While the range of experience varies from novice to seasoned, the impact of these encounters lingers.

As you bear witness to this performance, take time to ponder…

When was the last time you felt ‘on the cusp’ of something? What did you do? How did you feel? What did you learn?


Tickets to Kent Dance Ensemble "On the Cusp" can be purchased through the Performing Arts Box Office by phone at 330-672-2787. 

Friday, April 5, 2024
7:30 p.m.

Saturday, April 6, 2024
7:30 p.m.

Sunday, April 7, 2024
2 p.m.

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