Lighting Design Faculty and Student Participate in Symposium in South Korea

Associate Professor of Lighting Design Jakyung Seo received a grant that allowed student Bethy Winters to accompany her to South Korea this summer to work and participate in activities at Symposi:On – Seeking Wisdom in World Theatre, a global women’s festival. This event focused on Seeking Wisdom in World Theatre (After COVID-19, the Future of Women and Performing Arts.)

Bethy Winters is a Junior in the B.F.A. Theatre Design Technology and Production major with a concentration in Lighting and Sound and a minor in Music Technology. 

This symposium was held to form a discourse on the direction of contemporary theater while examining the trends of world theater. It established an international network and solidarity for Busan culture and arts, broke down national and regional boundaries, and established a continuous art exchange platform. The program was conducted with presentations and presentations suitable for the business topic, Q&A and discussions, and suggestions for next year's topic.

Online broadcasting and data collection of results were produced and shared to participating organizations and the culture and arts community in each country. 

In addition to Symposi:On, Bethy also participated in creating YouTube content for k-art tour. 


Above: Cinema Center at Busan, the largest cinema center at South Korea. Meeting Seo, Seung-woo, head of the Art Management Division of the Busan Cinema Center. 
Below Left (Top): Geumjeong-gu, meeting with cultural and artistic administrators of Geumjeong Foundation for Art & Culture. 
Below Right (Bottom): Meeting participants after presentation at Buk-go Art Center.

POSTED: Wednesday, July 13, 2022 - 9:31am
UPDATED: Friday, July 15, 2022 - 12:10pm