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Christopher Groening, Ph.D.

Christopher Groening, Ph.D.

Christopher Groening

Dr. Groening's current academic research centers around investigating stakeholder influence on the financial outcomes of a firm. He examines different micro- and macro-level conditions through which customer satisfaction and corporate social responsibility (CSR) affect firm value. He has published in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Business Ethics and other journals. He teaches marketing strategy courses at the undergrad and Ph.D. levels and in the MBA and Executive MBA program. Prior to joining the faculty at Kent State University, Dr. Groening was a faculty member at the University of Missouri. In a previous career, Dr. Groening spent nine years working in the multimedia field in various tech firms in the San Francisco area.

At KSU, Dr. Groening has launched Corporate Social Responsibility Public Perception Quotient, The goal of this project is to collect and analyze consumer perceptions of corporate social responsible and irresponsible activities. Please take the survey or review the quarterly results.

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Associate Professor

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Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship