Department of Accounting Workshop Series

The Department of Accounting invites top accounting scholars to share their current research with Ambassador Crawford College faculty and doctoral students. This page lists workshops for the current academic year. Attendance is open to the public.

Speaker Date Location
Ivo TafKov    4/15/2022    Georgia State University
Clive Lennox   3/18/2022     University of Southern California
Katherine Gunny    3/4/2022 University of Colorado at Denver
Danniel Aobdia  11/4/2021 Penn State University
Ewa Sletten  10/29/2021  Ohio State University 
Xiumin Martin  10/8/2021 Washinton University at Saint Louis 
Khrystyna Bochkay   9/24/2021 University of Miami
Jonas Heese   9/3/2021 Harvard University