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Elizabeth Sinclair

Elizabeth Sinclair

Elizabeth Sinclair

Elizabeth Sinclair received both her masters and baccalaureate degrees from Kent State University. Upon graduation with her BBA degree in Marketing, Sinclair began her long tenure at Kent State as the Coordinator of Advising for the College of Business Administration. She worked her way through the ranks of administration becoming Director of Undergraduate Programs and then Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs for the College. Most recently, she took on the additional role of overseeing assessment for the College as assistant dean. Sinclair has served as a University Hearing Officer for Student Conduct, has been trained to do mediation, has a special interest in business ethics, and most recently has taught leadership (at the freshman level) and event planning. She is advisor to Business Professionals' Roundtable (the student advisory) and the Collegiate Business Association.

Job Title

Assistant Dean Of Undergraduate Programs And Assessment

Job Department

Office of the Dean