Develop Proposals

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to providing support to faculty for extramural grant development and submission. This support includes four main elements which will be specifically programmed for each funding opportunity and tailored to meet individual faculty needs.

Grant Opportunity Information

  • Workshops and information sessions with internal and external speakers
  • Alerts for funding opportunities via website, emails, and in-person meetings

Writing Support

  • Peer-support writing groups

Constructive Feedback

  • Internal faculty mentor(s)
  • External reviewer feedback

Proposal preparation Support

  • Proofreading and compliance checking of support materials and budget pages
  • Proposal budget development
  • Assistance navigating internal and sponsor-specific submission systems

Current Grant Development Support Programs:

NSF CAREER Grant Writing Mentoring Program 

To enroll in a support program and for questions, please contact Dr. Lique Coolen, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, 113F Bowman Hall. Phone: 330-672-8975.

For proposal preparation support, please contact Cathy Lowe, Sr. Grants Administrator, College of Arts and Sciences, 106 Bowman Hall. Phone: 330-672-0319.