Apply for Graduation

In order to be considered for graduation, all students must apply via FlashLine or in 105 Bowman Hall.  Review for graduation is not automatic and must be initiated by the student.

Undergraduate students should monitor their progress towards degree completion annually using GPS degree audit systems available through FlashLine.  Regular and timely advising with your college academic and faculty advisors is also important.

Graduate students should meet with their program’s graduate coordinator and visit the Graduate Studies page for important forms and additional deadlines.

Deadlines for applying for graduation ONLINE:

These deadlines are set by the Office of the University Registrar.



May (Spring)

Sept 15th of the previous calendar year

August (Summer)

December 15th of the previous calendar year

December (Fall)

March 15th of the same calendar year


Applying Online

To apply, access the online graduation application by:

  • Logging into FlashLine; then go to Student / Resources / Graduation.

  • Click on the Apply for Graduation link.

  • Review and acknowledge the Important Information Concerning Your Graduation Application page.

  • Select and submit your curriculum.

  • Select and submit your graduation term.  Please carefully review this step, paying particular attention to the year.

  • Review all of your information for accuracy and submit your request.

  • Print the Graduation Application Acknowledgment page for your records.   

Applying After the Deadline

To apply after the deadline:

  • Access the Late or Reapplication for Graduation in FlashLine.

  • Complete Sections A, B, C, D.

  • Submit the application to 105 Bowman Hall or fax to (330) 672-2646.

What Happens After I Apply?

Once you have applied for graduation, advisors will evaluate your requirements when you have registered for the final semester of needed coursework.  To expedite the evaluation process, it is necessary for you to schedule classes as early as possible for the final semester.  

Students will be notified via their official Kent State University email account if the application was accepted or denied.  



May (Spring)

The week before Spring classes begin

August (Summer)

The week before Intersession begins

December (Fall)

The week before Fall classes begin


Preliminary Approval


If a student is preliminarily approved for graduation, the Commencement Office will send further communications directly to you regarding commencement, including instructions on how to RSVP (required) to attend the ceremony and the Graduation Fair.


If you are removed from graduation, remaining requirements will be outlined.  It will then be necessary to reapply for a future graduation since applications are only valid for one graduation term—that is, applications are not automatically rolled to the next graduation.  

Remaining Requirements, Schedule Classes

It is the responsibility of the student to understand remaining degree requirements and schedule final courses appropriately.  If there is any uncertainty, students may schedule an advising appointment with a college advisor and refer to their GPS degree audit which can be accessed through FlashLine.

Commencement Information  

The application process for graduation and the official review for completion of degree requirements (based in each college) are separate and not related to the commencement ceremony.  

Students can only participate in the commencement ceremony during the semester in which they complete all requirements of the degree.  Students cannot participate in the ceremony in the semester before they complete all requirements.  For example, students completing all remaining requirements in the Summer Semester cannot participate in the May commencement ceremony, but they can participate in the August ceremony.

Information on the commencement event can be found on the Commencement website. Questions on the commencement ceremony itself (RSVP, tickets, deadlines) should be directed to the Commencement office at or by calling 330-672-2235.  Be mindful of all deadlines (found on the Registrar's website and the Commencement website).