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Each and every gift to the College of Arts and Sciences has an impact, no matter the size.
Together, we can impact lives: our own, and others.

Donors choose exactly where they want their contributions to go; these donations can enhance buildings and equipment, provide scholarships for students, and so much more. You may choose to donate to any Arts and Sciences program including our 16 academic departments, the May 4 Visitors Center, The Herrick Conservatory Greenhouse Biomedical fund, Study Abroad scholarships, LGBT studies, the Liquid Crystal Institute, Wick Poetry Center, and many more!

Reasons to Support the College:
  1. You want to give back. Kent State's College of Arts and Sciences made a difference in your life and you want to give something back in return.
  2. You want to pay it forward. You received financial aid as a student or you benefited from a study abroad opportunity or an exceptional program such as the Washington Program in National Issues (WPNI). You want the next generation to have similar opportunities.
  3. You know that an Arts and Sciences degree is the key to a solid foundation. You are passionate about the value of an Arts and Sciences education and want to do your part to make sure the College stays strong.
  4. You are Kent State proud! You remember your years as an Arts and Sciences major as a time of hard work, active learning, opportunity and fun. You are proud of your degree and want to help Kent continue its mission of offering a quality education to all students.