Donations/Naming Opportunities

For more information on how to donate, please contact David Grober, Senior Director of Advancement in Arts & Sciences, 330-672-5297,


Your gift will ensure an exceptional teaching and learning facility offering leading-edge research and programming. We encourage you to partner with us to provide the best future for generations of STEM students. In addition to facility naming opportunities, there are many other ways to support the sciences at Kent State University. Your gift can support new equipment, scholarships or professorships. We can help you decide what and how to give. You may want to specify criteria for your gift. You may want to take advantage of tax savings, make a onetime contribution or a gift over multiple years. We can guide you through your options and help you choose what works best for you.

Your Gift Will Help:
  • Build a new Integrated Sciences Building that wraps around Williams Hall
  • Upgrade existing science facilities in Cunningham, Williams and Smith Halls
  • Increase enrollment in STEM programs and improve student learning outcomes
  • Enhance the university’s ability to attract and retain top student and faculty talent
  • Encourage interdisciplinary interactions between students and faculty

New Facility Naming Opportunities

Opportunity Gift
Science Corridor $25 million
New Building Name $20 million
Integrated Science Building
Exterior Plaza $500,000
Physics Research Labs (3) $75,000 ea.
Graduate Assistant Office $25,000
Conference Room $20,000
Work Room, Environmental Room $10,000
Offices (3) $10,000 ea.
Imaging Rooms (2) $10,000 ea.
First Floor  
Timken Active Learning Classroom NAMED
North Commons $500,000
South Commons $250,000
Main Street $250,000
Biology Teaching Labs (2) $200,000 ea.
Lobby $100,000
Chemistry Research Labs (3) $75,000 ea.
Graduate Office $40,000
Lab Support  $25,000
Flexible Class Support $25,000
Tissue Culture $15,000
Isotope Room $15,000
Imaging Room $15,000
Offices (4) $10,000 ea.
Second Floor  
Large Biology Research Lab $100,000
Biology Research Labs (4) $75,000 ea.
Freezer Farm/Equipment Room  $50,000
Instrumentation Room $50,000
Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant Workspace $30,000
Conference Rooms $25,000 - $40,000
Faculty Breakout $25,000
Graduate Student Office $25,000
Tissue Culture Room  $20,000
Imaging Room $20,000
PCR Protocol Room $20,000
CFH Room $15,000
Cell Culture Room $10,000
Offices (14) $10,000 ea.
Third Floor  
Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant Huddle $30,000
Offices (2) $10,000 ea.

Existing/Renovated Facilities Naming Opportunities

Cunningham Hall
Cell and Molecular Biology Labs $300,000
Microbiology Lab $300,000
Glass Box Addition, Entry $300,000
Plaza, Link to Smith Hall $100,000
Classroom $100,000
Human Anatomy Lab $75,000
Vertebrate Anatomy Lab $75,000
Smith Hall
Planetarium $500,000
University Physics Combined Lab $200,000
General College Physics (Large) $100,000
General College Physics $75,000
Williams Hall
Lecture Hall $500,000
General Chemistry Labs (4) $75,000 ea.
Advanced and Physical Chemistry Lab $75,000
Biochemistry Lab $75,000