1/25- Cunningham Hall Renovation Updates

Current Work Progress:

  • Currently abating 3rd floor west mechanical room.
  • Currently coordinating duct tie in from unit 4 to unit 1 & unit 3 tie into unit 2. There will be short supply air outages when sheet metal cross connections occur. Notices will be sent prior to outages.
  • Precision finishing abatement on first floor tile and second floor ceiling tiles during 3rd shift tonight (1/21).
  • Overhead door on east side mechanical room will be installed tomorrow.
  • Currently installing temporary exterior wall enclosure to allow curtain wall to be removed.
  • Precision saw cutting today and tomorrow to separate the old exterior stair and electrical room from the building.
  • Electrical gear demolition is being cut free and will be lifted out once floor slab is demolished.
  • Critical Air currently working one room ahead of schedule on the hood controls replacement in Cunningham Annex.

Week ahead:

  • Mull Iron raising hand rail at South curtain wall at addition to 42" and welding to steel angel on slab edge. Also adding intermediate guard member. Work will happen tonight or tomorrow night (1/21 or 1/22).
  • Precision will abate the window glazing (1/25). Portions of the corridors will be closed. 5-8 day duration.
  • Complete the AHU1 build in 3rd floor east mechanical room.
  • Pour housekeeping pad for VFD controls.
  • Start mass excavation.
  • Complete demolition of stair entry and electrical room.
  • Begin relocate 10" water main around new addition. Isolation valves already installed so will not require water outage.
  • Footers will start for addition during the first week of February.
POSTED: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 12:11 PM
Updated: Saturday, January 28, 2023 06:51 PM