1/28- Cunningham Hall Renovation Updates

Work in progress:

  • Air handler assembly of unit 1 continues in 3rd floor mechanical room east with Roth and Air Enterprises.
  • Abatement coordination and containment underway in the 3rd floor mechanical room west to prepare to demolish AHU #3 serving the vivarium.
  • AHU #3 planned shutdown on 1/29/16 after 5:15pm.
  • Removed approximately 80% of the curtain wall on the south side.
  • Demolition of exterior stair started on 1/28/2016.
  • Phoenix air valve replacement in the Annex research labs continues per schedule.

Looking a week ahead:

  • Continue with AHU #1 assembly in the 3rd floor East mechanical room.
  • Begin chilled water pipe relocation in the 3rd floor East mechanical room.
  • Penn Ohio will begin electrical service connections from the MCC to AHU #1.
  • Pour VFD housekeeping pads in the 3rd floor East mechanical room.
  • Complete curtain wall removal of the south side adjacent to the addition.
  • Complete insulation of the temporary wall and complete winterization of wall.
  • Complete the demotion of the stair entry and electrical service room.
  • Complete mass excavation for addition by 2/12/16.
  • Start 10" water main relocation.
  • Install stair scaffold on the exterior for roof and access to the 3rd floor mechanical room West.
  • Continue Phoenix air valve replacement in the Annex.
  • Mull Iron to start guard rail modifications on the 2nd floor corridor on 1/28/2016.
POSTED: Thursday, January 28, 2016 01:54 PM
Updated: Saturday, December 3, 2022 01:02 AM