3/24- Williams Hall/ISB Construction Updates

Work in Progress:

  • Working on pile caps and grade beams.  Plan to start column line 17 (Southern most column line) next week.
  • Started working on forming elevator #2 (South).
  • Pouring elevator #1 second lift (North) today.
  • Continuing the installation of the basement concrete retaining wall along column line 'A' between A7 and A10.
  • Currently 45% complete with pile caps.

Looking forward:

  • Complete auger cast piles on column line 0 (North).
  • Steel erector mobilization to start on 3/28/2016. Steel bearing clips will begin on 3/28/2016 on concrete retaining walls.
  • Pour lift #3 on elevator #1 (North) on 3/30/2016.
  • Continue pile cap forming and pouring.
POSTED: Thursday, March 24, 2016 04:55 PM
Updated: Thursday, January 19, 2017 09:05 AM