While each individual school may have specific course prerequisites, there is also basic coursework students must complete prior to taking the PCAT in order to comprehend the topics included within. (from Pearson’s PCAT site) Listed below are the content areas included in the 2016 PCAT (as of July 2016, there is no longer a Verbal Ability subtest).

  • Writing – ENG 11011: College Writing I and ENG 21011: College Writing II

Biological Processes

  • General Biology – BSCI 10110: Biological Diversity and BSCI 10120: Biological Foundations
  • Microbiology – BSCI 30171: General Microbiology (to be taken at Kent State this requires BSCI 30140: Cell Biology as a prerequisite)
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology – BSCI 30130: Human Physiology and BSCI 30518: Vertebrate Anatomy

Chemical Processes

  • General Chemistry – CHEM 10060: General Chemistry I and CHEM 10062: General Chemistry I Lab AND CHEM 10061: General Chemistry II and CHEM 10063: General Chemistry II Lab; OR CHEM 10970: Honors General Chemistry I AND CHEM 10971: Honors General Chemistry II
  • Organic Chemistry - CHEM 30481: Organic Chemistry I and CHEM 30475: Organic Chemistry I Lab AND CHEM 30482: Organic Chemistry II and CHEM 30476: Organic Chemistry II Lab; OR CHEM 20481: Basic Organic Chemistry I and CHEM 30475: Organic Chemistry I Lab AND CHEM 20482: Basic Organic Chemistry II and CHEM 30476: Organic Chemistry II Lab
  • Basic Biochemistry Processes - CHEM 30482: Introductory Biological Chemistry OR CHEM 40245: Biochemical Foundations of Medicine

Quantitative Reasoning Content Objectives

  • Basic Math/Algebra – MATH 11010: Algebra for Calculus OR MATH 12001: Pre-Calculus
  • Probability & Statistics – MATH 30011: Basic Probability and Statistics or MATH 12022: Probability and Statistics for Life Sciences
  • Precalculus – MATH 12001: Pre-Calculus OR MATH 11022: Trigonometry (dependent on previously completed Math coursework)
  • Calculus – MATH 12002: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I OR MATH 12021: Calculus for Life Sciences