Personal Statement

Please adhere to either the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine's 4500-character limit or the 5300-character limit established by the Assocation of American Medical Colleges (this includes spaces in both instances). Your essay should address why you want to become a medical doctor. You may wish to include experiences, motivations, and/or challenges that distinguish you from other applicants. This is also the place to explain any significant fluctuations in your academic record. For help in creating an effective personal statement see the "Tips for Writing A Personal Statement" included in the application (see above) or contact Career Exploration and Development for assistance.

The personal statement you present to the Pre-Medicine Committee should be a polished, final draft. The PMC reviewers may provide feedback regarding content and structure, but you should provide a statement that includes well-developed and structured sentences and has already been checked for spelling and grammar.