To enter a school or college of podiatric medicine, students must have completed at minimum three years or approximately 90 semester hours of college credit at an accredited institution. More than 97% of students who enter a college of podiatric medicine will have completed a bachelor’s degree. This figure is approximately 99% for the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine. Listed below are standard minimum admission prerequisites established by the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine. Different colleges or schools may have slightly varied requirements, so it is important to conduct further research into the schools you are considering. All science courses require a lab component.

  • 8 Semester or 12 Quarter Hours of Biology: BSCI 10110: Biological Diversity and BSCI 10120: Biological Foundations
  • 8 Semester or 12 Quarter Hours of General/Inorganic Chemistry: CHEM 10060: General Chemistry I and CHEM 10062: General Chemistry I Lab AND CHEM 10061: General Chemistry II and CHEM 10063: General Chemistry II Lab; OR CHEM 10970: Honors General Chemistry I AND CHEM 10971: Honors General Chemistry II
  • 8 Semester or 12 Quarter Hours of Organic Chemistry: CHEM 30481: Organic Chemistry I and CHEM 30475: Organic Chemistry I Lab AND CHEM 30482: Organic Chemistry II and CHEM 30476: Organic Chemistry II Lab; OR CHEM 20481: Basic Organic Chemistry I and CHEM 30475: Organic Chemistry I Lab AND CHEM 20482: Basic Organic Chemistry II and CHEM 30476: Organic Chemistry II Lab
  • 8 Semester or 12 Quarter Hours of Physics: PHY 13001: General College Physics I and PHY 13021: General College Physics I Lab AND PHY 13002: General College Physics II and PHY 13022: General College Physics II Lab; OR PHY 23201: General University Physics I AND PHY 23202: General University Physics II
  • 6 Semester or 9 Quarter Hours of English: College Writing I AND ENG 21011: College Writing II; OR HONR 10197: Honors Colloquium I AND HONR 10297: Honors Colloquium II