• Two semesters of biology with lab: BSCI 10110: Biological Diversity and BSCI 10120: Biological Foundations
  • One semester each of Cell Biology, Genetics, Microbiology and Physiology: BSCI 30140: Cell Biology, BSCI 31056: Elements of Genetics, BSCI 30171: General Microbiology, BSCI 40430: Animal Physiology
  • Two semesters of general chemistry with lab: CHEM 10060: General Chemistry I and CHEM 10062: General Chemistry I Lab AND CHEM 10061: General Chemistry II and CHEM 10063: General Chemistry II Lab; OR CHEM 10970: Honors General Chemistry I AND CHEM 10971: Honors General Chemistry II 
  • Two semesters of organic chemistry with lab: CHEM 30481: Organic Chemistry I and CHEM 30475: Organic Chemistry I Lab AND CHEM 30482: Organic Chemistry II and CHEM 30476: Organic Chemistry II Lab; OR CHEM 20481: Basic Organic Chemistry I and CHEM 30475: Organic Chemistry I Lab AND CHEM 20482: Basic Organic Chemistry II and CHEM 30476: Organic Chemistry II Lab
  • Two semesters of physics with lab: PHY 13001: General College Physics I and PHY 13021: General College Physics I Lab AND PHY 13002: General College Physics II and PHY 13022: General College Physics II Lab; OR PHY 23201: General University Physics I AND PHY 23202: General University Physics II
  • One semester of calculus: MATH 12002: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I; OR MATH 12021: Calculus for Life Sciences
  • One semester of statistics: MATH 30011: Basic Probability and Statistics; OR MATH 12022: Probability and Statistics for Life Sciences

Some schools may require additional prerequisite coursework in composition, ethics, economics, psychology, sociology, biochemistry, and/or anatomy. It is important that you check with the schools you plan to apply to in order to take the appropriate coursework for admission.

The Pre-Dentistry advising program catalog requirements can be seen here.