Medical Specialty: Podiatric Medicine

Step Into Podiatry: The Best Kept Secret in Medicine

Podiatric Medicine is a unique medical specialty that combines clinical and surgical care with the ability to build lasting, meaningful patient relations. A doctor of podiatric medicine is a specialist in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lower extremity disorders, diseases and injuries. Doctors of podiatric medicine can specialize in a variety of areas, including:

  • Sports medicine
  • Diabetic wound care
  • Dermatology
  • Radiology
  • Limb salvage
  • Pediatrics
  • Surgery

DPM's are able to work in a variety of settings including private practices, clinics, hospitals and educational environments.Physicians specializing in podiatric medicine are the only doctors to receive specialized medical and surgical training and board certification in the care of the lower extremity.

Day to Day Life of a Podiatric Physician

Adding to the specialty's demand, podiatric medicine touts desirable salaries and a flexible lifestyle. The working conditions of a podiatric physician in comparison to other medical specialties offer more options in practice structure. This gives both those seeking an engaging, always-on-call atmosphere in a hospital emergency room and those looking for a more laid-back, family-friendly schedule the opportunity to each thrive in their respective workplaces. 

According to the latest report, the average salary of a physician specializing in podiatric medicine is $202,693 (


This medical specialty requires four years of education at an accredited college of podiatric medicine. The curriculum is demanding and rigorous. Students spend the first two years studying pre-clinical science content, such as anatomy, biochemistry, genetics and pathology. The last two years are spent mostly in the clinical environment, treating patients at Kent State's own Cleveland Foot and Ankle Clinic, hospitals throughout Northeast Ohio (including the Cleveland Clinic) and at hospitals throughout the nation. Learn more about the curriculum and hospital affiliations here.

Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine

Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine was founded over 100 years ago and has graduated over 7,000 physicians. The college is preparing the next generation of specialized professionals, empowered with the knowledge and skills, dedication and heart to heal patients and advance our profession. 

We are a close-knit, dedicated learning community with one goal: Everyone – administrators, faculty, staff and fellow students - is here to help our students succeed. Our college is working to be the leading edge of modern podiatric medicine – evolving the profession and promoting changes in perceptions, instruction and practice. From the college's cutting-edge and advanced technology, to innovative laboratories and classrooms, Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine offers students a superior, modern educational environment.

Want to Learn More?

There is so much to explore within the podiatric medicine specialty. Learn from practicing physicians in the field. To schedule a shadowing visit with a DPM, please visit Step Into Podiatry. This network will pair you with a podiatric physician nearby who can share their knowledge and expertise and provide insight about why they chose podiatric medicine over other medical specialties. We assure you that you will not regret this shadowing experience.

Or, contact us! Kent State's College of Podiatric Medicine is here to answer your questions. Call us at 216-231-3300 or email us at We can even pair you with a current student so you can learn about his or her experience in the program.


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