Room Request

All room reservation requests must be submitted at least two weeks before the date of your event.  The College of Podiatric Medicine reserves the right to refuse any requests submitted after the two week deadline.  Please contact CPM-IT regarding any audio/video needs by emailing your request to  

As a general operating rule and to best support our students, faculty and staff, KSUCPM does not routinely rent space in our building to outside organizations.  Requests internal to Kent State and organizations specifically supporting podiatry and/or medical education will remain our focus in the rare instance when we are able to accommodate a space request.  Since we are not a dedicated meeting venue (size or staffing), we kindly suggest directing rental inquiries to the Holiday Inn and Embassy Suites.  These facilities are immediately adjacent to the KSUCPM campus in Independence, Ohio - offering some of the largest meeting spaces in the greater Cleveland area.  It should be noted that we are not affiliated with either the Holiday Inn or Embassy Suites.  This suggestion is offered as a viable option for those who may be unfamiliar with our location.  General questions or inquiries regarding KSUCPM facilities and space requests should be directed to Alice Cummings at