Educational Resources

The KSUCPM Office of Educational Resources mission is to empower and support our students to achieve their full potential as active, self-directed life-long learners and highly competent doctors of podiatric medicine who excel in residency training.

Welcome to the KSUCPM Educational Resources Center. Our goal is to enhance and support the learning and professional development process through advising, advocacy, counseling, and opportunities for personal and professional growth including special emphasis on the knowledge, attitudes and skills expected of a medical professional. To achieve these goals we offer confidential counseling, diagnostic screening and/or referrals, peer tutoring, computer-assisted instruction, Boards prep counseling and testing, workshops, e-resources, study aids, and health and wellness information.

It is important to us to work proactively to connect students in crisis to professional services. Tutoring is provided at no charge to KSUCPM students who voluntarily request the service or who are referred to Educational Resources by their Instructor. Additionally the Office provides optional course specific study aids designed to support mastery of the material.

Students who do not pass a course exam are highly encouraged to immediately seek help. Prior to attending a tutoring session, students are expected to prepare in the following ways:

  • Attend or BoxCast all lectures and be current in reading assignments
  • Be familiar with the course syllabus and learning objectives
  • Review exam(s) if posted or request an exam review with course director
  • Attend any Faculty led review session and/or office hours
  • Attend any Tutor led Large Group Review Sessions offered
  • Attempt assignments and formulate questions before arriving for a session
  • Arrive promptly or notify tutor 24 hours in advance if re-scheduling

Students wishing to improve their study habits and learning skills often request help in the following areas:

  • Energy management
  • Test taking skills
  • Note Taking skills
  • Interpersonal and group communication skills
  • Managing test anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Health and Wellness
  • National Board Preparation

We work collaboratively with Faculty and Staff to continuously improve the quality of teaching, learning, and assessment at KSUCPM. When professional counseling help is needed, you may seek it out independently, schedule a visit with our in-house counselor, or utilize KSUCPM’s referral source, the University Counseling Services of Case Western Reserve University. For appointments and emergencies call 216-368-2510 and follow the prompts. For medical consultation, you may contact the CASE University Health Services, or a provider of your choice. For appointments and emergencies call 216-368-2450 and follow the prompts. Strict standards of confidentiality are maintained. Information is only shared with your permission or when compelled to do so by ethical or legal standards.

Office Hours: (Located on the first floor in the Student Affairs hallway)
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Walk ins welcome, or contact Gina Ralston for an appointment.

Gina Ralston - Office of Educational Resources, 216-916-7499