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Cleveland. You’ve heard of it. “C-Town.” "The Land." “Rock and Roll Capital of the World.”

Cleveland has been described as a "world-class city, without the ego." Cleveland was founded in 1796 and was once known as an industrial and manufacturing city. Nowadays, the city offers a network of world-class healthcare systems, incredible cultural institutions, a foodie paradise, and fantastic sports teams - well, mostly fantastic teams (there's always next year for The Browns.)

Find out why we love this city - and we think you will too!


The College of Podiatric Medicine campus is located 10 miles south of downtown Cleveland in Independence. Independence is a beautiful and vibrant suburb of Cleveland. Independence provides a great mix of the "small town feeling," but with all the amenities of a large city. There are plenty of great restaurants on every corner, and an incredible park system minutes away from campus. Plus, the city of Cleveland is only 10-15 minutes away.

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