CPM Computer Refresh

CPM Refresh is a program which ensures that full-time CPM faculty and staff members have current computers available for their use. 

All eligible departments will be contacted by CPM IT with a list of eligible faculty and staff. Department heads should check with faculty and staff members to determine what machine each individual wants. 

If you have any questions regarding the CPM Refresh Program, please contact CPM Refresh: 

E-mail: cpmrefresh@kent.edu 


Who is eligible? 

Currently, all full-time faculty and staff members at CPM are covered. 

How often will my computer be replaced? 

Computers provided under the CPM Refresh program are currently replaced every four years based on a cycle indicator, as shown below. 

Cycle indicators will be a 1, 2, 3, or 4.     

  • Cycle 1 computers were last replaced in FY2023 and will be replaced again in FY2027.

  • Cycle 2 computers were last replaced in FY2024 (this year) and will be replaced again in FY2028.

  • Cycle 3 computers were last replaced in FY2021 and will be replaced again in FY2025.  

  • Cycle 4 computers were last replaced in FY2022 and will be replaced again in FY2026.  

What type of computer can I choose? 

You may choose one of the standard computers, you may opt to purchase an upgraded standard computer, or, if none of the standard computers meet your needs, apply for a nonstandard computer. If you have additional questions, please contact CPM Refresh at cpmrefresh@kent.edu

Please note that all CPM Refresh machines must adhere to the University Policy Register:  

Is there any advantage to choosing a standard model computer? 

Standard model computers allow us to both negotiate better pricing and provide consistency across the campus. It also provides us the ability to have trained professionals who can better assist you with your computing needs. 

What are the current standard model computers available under the CPM Refresh program? 

See Current Models

Can I give my computer to someone else to use? 

No. Refresh computers are provided for use by the eligible faculty and staff members. 

If I don't want a computer, can I have the money to purchase other equipment or supplies? 

Unfortunately, the answer to this is no. The purpose of the computer refresh program is to replace the computers before the technology becomes obsolete. 

What happens to the old computer when my computer is replaced? 

Existing machines stay at CPM. Chairs and directors must make every effort to sustain a supportive, professional environment for all who engage in scholarship and teaching in the department or school. Thus, chairs and directors should pass on existing machines to graduate students and part-time faculty who are not eligible for new machines in the refresh program. Further, the issuance of a Refresh machine should not be used to provide an individual faculty or staff member with two machines. 

My department has no use for my old computer. Can I purchase it? 

No. University policy dictates that equipment must be made available for use by other departments within the University. 

Can I make an upgrade to the standard model computer configurations? 

Yes, but this must be approved by your department head. The upgrade will be billed based on a new quote for the upgraded equipment.

What should I do if I have other questions? 

Contact CPM Refresh at cpmrefresh@kent.edu