Preclinical Sciences


Pre-clinical education at CPM provides a thorough grounding in the basic sciences and thought processes related to medical practice. Courses include Human Anatomy, Human Cell & Tissue Biology, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Genetics and Embryology, Neurobiology, Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Pathology, and Pharmacology. Studies in the first year focus on normal structure and function of cells, tissues, whole organs and organ systems. In the second year, courses focus on the analysis of abnormal structure and function which include:

  • Basic disease processes (underlying causes, symptoms, diagnostic methods, and principles of disease management)
  • Study of microorganisms capable of invading body tissues to cause disease as well as our immune defense mechanisms to prevent this threat
  • Study of the drugs used to prevent and treat disease (drug actions, applications, and adverse reactions)

The knowledge you will gain in preclinical courses is the factual foundation for upper level clinical courses and patient care rotations. It is also the ability to learn independently, so that you can keep up with inevitable revisions and new advances in podiatric medicine throughout your career. Knowledge of basic medical sciences marks you as a health professional with a modern education, which will engender the respect of your colleagues in other medical disciplines as well as the confidence of your patients.