Parking Rules and Regulations

Any student at CPM who parks on college property consents to the enforcement of parking fines or charges through student account deduction, withholding of grades and transcripts, or such other measures as the institution prescribes.

No student parking is ever permitted in Faculty/Staff lots and the main circle. Students must park in designated areas.

Unless otherwise directed by the parking monitor, all vehicles must be parked in marked parking spaces. No vehicle shall be parked to extend beyond one space. Except for flat tires, jump-starts, and similar unavoidable problems, vehicle maintenance/repairs are not permitted in the parking areas. KSUCPM parking is not intended for overnight or extended term parking. If a car, for some reason must remain in the lot for a night, the student must request permission in writing, from the Physical Plant Office, 3 days in advance, stating the reason why the car will be left in the lot overnight.

All permit holders must display a hangtag fully viewable from the front of the car around the rear view mirror in the front window. The college shall exercise due care in operating the parking areas, but assumes no responsibility for the loss, theft, or damage to parked, towed, or stored vehicles.

In the rare event that a temporary or rental car is driven to and parked on campus, it is the student’s daily responsibility to leave information about the car (make, model, color, and license plate number) at the front desk to avoid a parking violation.

KSUCPM does not maintain reciprocal parking agreements with the City of Independence or our neighboring businesses. KSUCPM students are NOT authorized to park in any location other than our lots. Parking off campus is done at your own risk and may subject you to fines and/or towing charges.

Please visit the Physical Plant office for parking needs.

Parking fee waivers are available on a semester basis to students who either do not own a vehicle or who never use a vehicle to get to campus.  Waivers are available when the following the guidelines are met:

  1. Each semester, the student seeking a waiver must submit request in writing (form available online at to the facilities office on the 3rd floor within a 2 week time period after the parking fee has been charged to their bursar account.
  2. Parking pass must be turned in to facilities office at time of waiver request.

If the vehicle belonging to the student who waived the parking fee is found on campus at any time during the period waived, in addition to a parking violation, the current semester parking fee will be automatically reinstated to the students bursar account.

Fourth year students must waive for the entire 4th year as the parking fee is already discounted to reflect the amount of time they spend on campus.

After-Hours, Weekend, and Holiday Parking

All students are required to park in their designated areas 24/7, 365 days per year.

Student parking areas are not to be used for long-term parking while on clerkship or vacation. Parking rules and regulation will be enforced at all times, and the college assumes no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to such vehicles.

Violations and Fines

For first violation, a fine of $15.00 will be assessed and $30.00 for a second violation. For the third infraction, a wheel lock may be placed on the vehicle. Cost

to remove the wheel lock will be $65.00. All subsequent infractions will result in the towing of the vehicle.

Persons negligently or intentionally damaging gates, fences, signs, lawns, landscaping or other property shall pay all costs of restoration or replacement.

Vehicles parked in fire lanes or obstructing traffic or walkways will be towed at the owner’s expense. In cases where a state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles must be contacted to determine vehicle ownership, all costs incurred will be added to the student’s assessed fine.

In cases where a state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles must be contacted to determine vehicle ownership, all costs incurred will be added to the assessed fine.

Only one hangtag permit will be issued to each student.  Loss of this hangtag will result in a $75 Parking Registration Replacement fine.

All students must complete and electronically submit a parking registration available on the CPM