Curriculum & Rotations

The Doctor of Podiatric Medicine program is four years long: The first two years are primarily spent in classrooms and labs while the last two years are mostly spent in clinical rotations/experiences.

Pre-Clinical Coursework

Classes within your pre-clinical years include (but are not limited to) gross anatomy, cell and tissue, staying alive, medical genetics and embryology, lower extremity anatomy, neurobiology, medical microbiology/immunology, pharmacology, biomechanics, podiatric medicine and podiatric surgery.

Clinical Coursework and Rotations

Third-year students spend time in classes, but the majority of the time is spent in clinical rotations. Students will participate in rotations and skills labs, including Radiology, Podiatric Medicine/Biomechanics, Podiatric Surgery, Simulated Patients and Surgical Skills.  The main teaching clinic for KSUCPM students is the Cleveland Foot and Ankle Clinic. The Cleveland Foot and Ankle Clinic has several locations throughout Northeast Ohio, with the primary clinic in the Midtown neighborhood of Cleveland – right down the street from the Cleveland Clinic. Students will also spend time a month rotating at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center.

Fourth-year students will complete clerkships. Clerkships expose students to all facets of podiatric medicine and surgery in the hospital, professional office, and clinical settings. The student clerk gains essential experience managing the care of patients and learning the roles and responsibilities of the DPM.  Students also witness first-hand the DPMs interaction with other health-care professionals. KSUCPM students must complete five months of clerkships, but have the ability to complete up to seven months of clerkships. Please refer to the AACPM Clerkship Handbook for a full listing of clerkships.

Fourth-year students will also complete clinical rotations in clinics and hospitals locally and nationally. KSUCPM has affiliations with several hospitals locally and nationally where students complete clinical rotations as part of the Senior Medicine rotation. Affiliates include:

Find course descriptions and rotation information in our program page.