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Dear Alumni and Friends,

At the College of Podiatric Medicine, we practice what we teach. It is what I love the most about my career in Podiatric Medicine. I am able to treat patients both clinically and surgically while building long-term relationships with those individuals. This allows me to continue doing what I love - interacting and treating patients with a hands-on approach, while witnessing our students sharpen their skills in treating our patients. The best moment as a physician educator is being able to watch your students excel in a field you both love.

There are some very exciting opportunities as well as challenges ahead for our college. In order to equip our students with the necessary knowledge, skills and experiences they need to become leading foot and ankle specialists, the College of Podiatric Medicine is dedicated to providing these students with all of their modern day needs and requirements. 

Please join us as we work to attract the best and brightest students in our field by moving forward with these campus-wide priorities and initiatives. Your philanthropic support can help us make dreams a reality. Through your giving, their passion becomes our profession. Thank you!

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Dr. Allan M. Boike
College of Podiatric Medicine

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