A Message from the Dean

A Message from the Dean: Dr. Allan Boike

One of my favorite aspects of my career in podiatric medicine is that I am able to treat patients both clinically and surgically – while building long-term relationships with those individuals.  When I became Dean of the College of Podiatric Medicine at Kent State University in 2014, I ensured that I would continue to do what I love while serving as a leader to the students, faculty, and staff of this institution. And to be a leader, you need to serve alongside those students, faculty and staff.

For one morning each week, I make it my priority to continue to treat patients at Cleveland Foot and Ankle Clinic. I work together with current students as we assess, diagnose, and treat patients with foot and ankle problems. This experience allows me to continue doing what I love – interacting and treating patients with a hands-on approach, but also allowing me to witness our students sharpen their skills when treating patients. The best moment as a physician educator is being able to watch the students you train excel in a field you both love.

If you are a prospective student interested in a field of medicine that combines aspects of surgery, dermatology, sports medicine, wound care, and so much more, podiatric medicine just may be the right fit for you.

I look forward to working alongside you in the years to come.

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