DPM/MBA Combined Degree

The Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and Master of Business Administration (DPM/MBA) combined degree program is offered through the College of Podiatric Medicine and Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Kent State University. This five-year program is designed for students interested in both podiatric medicine and the business aspects of medicine. 

There is a growing need for physicians with business acumen. This combined program will develop podiatric physician leaders, skilled in both podiatric medicine and health care management. This skillset may be valuable in overseeing private/group practices or as you serve in a role as a hospital executive or administrator. 

The business world is ever-changing; it’s filled with diverse markets and unlimited potential… and that applies to the business of healthcare. The Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship has crafted their programs to provide you with a knowledge base and proficiency to make you globally competitive. This mission, paired with the unique skillset you will acquire while taking pre-clinical, clinical, and podiatric medicine coursework will set you apart among your peers. This combined degree will allow you to obtain the necessary medical knowledge but also prepare you as a leader within the field. Students who graduate with these two degrees will be able to utilize their management, marketing and financial knowledge following residency into practice or hospital administration.

Admission Requirements
All students accepted to KSUCPM are eligible to apply to the DPM/MBA degree program. Students interested in the DPM/MBA program must apply and be accepted to the College of Podiatric Medicine first. Selecting the DPM/MBA program on the AACPMAS application alerts the Enrollment Management Office at KSUCPM that the student is interested in the combined degree program. It does not obligate the student to apply, and it has no impact on the likelihood of acceptance into KSUCPM. In addition, students who do not indicate interest in the MBA program on the AACPMAS application are still eligible to apply. 

How the DPM/MBA Combined Degree Works
Upon admission to the Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship, the College of Podiatric Medicine will defer your admission to the DPM program for one year. Students will begin the DPM/MBA combined degree within the Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship either online or in-person on the Kent campus. Upon completion of those credits, students will then matriculate into the DPM program and begin all coursework associated with the DPM degree. Students will receive "double-credit" for some courses taken within the College of Podiatric Medicine curriculum that will count towards the MBA degree.  

DPM/MBA Roadmap
Following completion of courses within the Business program, students will begin courses within the College of Podiatric Medicine as part of the traditional coursework roadmap. 

DPM/MBA Tuition
Students are responsible for tuition and fees associated with the combined program. It should be noted that students receive "double credit" for several credits within the DPM curriculum that are applied to the MBA degree. For tuition rates for the MBA coursework, please click here. 

The College of Podiatric Medicine has a different tuition model, which can be found here. 

For specific information or questions regarding the DPM/MBA program, please contact: 

Amy Kittle
Online MBA Program Coordinator