DPM/MPH Combined Degree

The Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and Master of Public Health (DPM/MPH) combined degree program provides a foundation within podiatric medicine and public health to prepare students with pre-clinical, research, policy, and clinical skills to address individual health and wellness, as well as health and wellness in the larger community.

The College of Public Health at Kent State University is fully accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). The MPH in Health Policy and Management offered through the combined program is the perfect complement to a clinical practice degree. The joint program allows for 15 credit hours of coursework in the DPM curriculum to double-count in the MPH curriculum. 

Students are exposed to an interdisciplinary curriculum that supplements and expands skills needed to practice in an increasingly complex and rapidly evolving healthcare system. The innovative coursework prepares students to address public health risks and develop effective health services delivery models. It is an interdisciplinary program that incorporates health services research, health policy analysis, and health care planning and management. Given the active research of the college’s faculty in identifying service gaps and in developing evidence-based practices and policy analysis, students emerge with strong skills in health services management, alternative models of service financing and strategies for improving services.

Students have the flexibility to take classes in-person at our Kent Campus, online anywhere in the world, or a combination that meets your needs. All courses are taught by experienced faculty and  feature small class sizes for individualized attention. 

With peers from a variety of professional backgrounds helping to broaden your knowledge and challenge your understanding of how public health functions across different sectors, you’ll build the confidence to make strong and informed decisions as you further your own career as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.

Admission Requirements

All medical students accepted to KSUCPM are eligible to apply to the DPM/MPH combined degree program. Students interested in the DPM/MPH program must apply and be accepted to the College of Podiatric Medicine first. Selecting the DPM/MPH program on the AACPMAS application alerts the Enrollment Management Office at KSUCPM that the student is interested in the combined degree program. It does not obligate the student to apply, and it has no impact on the likelihood of acceptance into KSUCPM. In addition, students who do not indicate interest in the DPM/MPH program on the AACPMAS application are still eligible to apply. 

How the DPM/MPH Combined Degree Works

Upon admission to the College of Public Health, the College of Podiatric Medicine will defer your admission to the DPM program for one year. Students will begin the DPM/MPH combined degree with 31 credits within the College of Public Health either online or in-person on the Kent campus. Upon completion of those credits, students will then matriculate into the DPM program and begin all coursework associated with the DPM degree. Students will receive "double-credit" for some courses taken within the College of Podiatric Medicine curriculum that will count towards the MPH degree.  

DPM/MPH Roadmap

Summer - Second 7 Weeks Credits
HPM 52016 Public Health Administration 3
EHS 52018 Environmental Concepts in Public Health 3
Fall - First 7 Weeks  
EPI 52017 Fundamentals Of Public Health Epidemiology 3
HPM 53010 Community Health Needs Assessment 3
Fall - Second 7 Weeks  
BST 52019 Biostatistics in Public Health 4
SBS 54634  Social Determinants of Health Behaviors 3
Spring - First 7 Weeks  
HPM 53003 Health Care Systems 3
HPM 53005 Financial Management for Public Health Organizations 3
Spring - Second 7 Weeks    
HPM 53006 Cost Benefit Analysis in Public Health Programs 3
HPM 53007 Public Health Programs: Planning, Implementation And Evaluation 3

Following completion of the above courses in the MPH in Health Policy and Management, students will begin courses within the College of Podiatric Medicine as part of the traditional coursework roadmap. Students will receive "double-credit" for the following courses: Cell and Tissue, Medical Ethics, Principles of Medical Research, Podiatry, Professionalism, and Society I, Healthcare Law and Regulation, Behavioral Medicine, Women's Health, and Podiatry, Professionalism, and Society IV. 

DPM/MPH Tuition

Students are responsible for tuition and fees associated with the combined program. It should be noted that students receive 15 credits within the DPM curriculum that are applied to the MPH degree. For 2019-2020 tuition rates for the MPH coursework, please click here. 

The College of Podiatric Medicine has a different tuition model, which can be found here. 


For specific information or questions regarding the DPM/MPH program, contact:

Thomas W. Brewer, Ph.D., M.Jur, CHC
Associate Professor