Employment Verifications for the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine

Employment (including adjunct faculty) and payroll verification services are available for all former faculty & staff of the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine (OCPM) through the KSU-CPM HR Office. FOR FASTEST PROCESSING, PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD OCPM EMPLOYMENT INQUIRIES TO THE KENT STATE HUMAN RESOURCES DIVISION OR THE KENT CAMPUS. All OCPM documents and archives are maintained at the CPM campus in Independence, OH.

Inquiries may be completed as follows:

1. Fax or Email a request document, including a hand-signed authorization to release your information, to:

     Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine
     Office of Human Resources
     6000 Rockside Woods Blvd. N
     Independence, OH 44131

     FAX: 216.916.7328 or 216.447.0424

     EMAIL: ddixon25@kent.edu

2. Requests must be for payroll and/ or services dates prior to 7/1/2012 (OCPM was acquired by KSU on 7/1/2012. Our last regular day of business operations was 6/30/2012)

3. OCPM maintains a 7-year records retention policy. Full personnel file information may not be available for all former employees, however, we strive to provide as much information as possible using electronic databases and alternative archives.

4. As OCPM is no longer operating, complete copies of personnel files are generally not available. We will do our best to fulfill all verification requests for specific information.

5. Inquiries and verifications received without a signed authorization to release information will not be processed.

6. To assist with the security of personal information, we request that all social security numbers will be truncated to display only the last four digits. Faxed inquiries offer a higher level of security for those who may be concerned.

While most routine requests are processed within 48 hours, please allow 7-14 business days for processing of information. Older files are maintained off-site and may take considerably longer to access.

If you have any questions or need additional information regarding OCPM records, please contact the KSU-CPM HR Offices at:

     Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine
     Office of Human Resources
     6000 Rockside Woods Blvd. N
     Independence, OH 44131
     David J. Dixon
     Director of Human Resources

     Email: ddixon25@kent.edu

If you need assistance with any OCPM business matter (HR or non-HR related), please feel free to reach out to me at any time! I will be happy to direct inquiries internally to the most appropriate office for processing.

The Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine Thrift Savings Plan (403b)

The OCPM retirement plan has been terminated. Former participants, with existing plan balances, should reach out directly to your fund provider. Within the scope of the plan termination, all OCPM retirement accounts have been transitioned to fully-paid annuities. These accounts are no longer controlled or accessible by OCPM, Kent State University or our staff.

There are no other pension or retirement plans in existence for OCPM.

For reference, the following fund providers were servicing former OCPM Faculty & Staff retirement plan participants at the point of the plan termination.

  • Fidelity
  • Voya (formerly ING)
  • Brighthouse Financial (Formerly MetLife)

If you have any questions regarding the OCPM 403(b) retirement plan, please email:

     Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine Thrift Savings Plan
     David J. Dixon, Plan Administrator (former)
     6000 Rockside Woods Blvd. N
     Independence, OH 44131

     EMAIL: ddixon25@kent.edu

     FAX: 216.916.7328