Internal Merit Scholarships


There is no separate application to apply for any KSUCPM Merit Scholarships. Merit Scholarships for incoming students are dependent on Science GPA, MCAT score and your interview performance:

Presidential (++) Scholarship: $20,000

Presidential (+) Scholarship: $15,000

Presidential Scholarship: $10,000

Academic Scholarship: $7,500

Golden Flash Scholarship: $5,000

Black Squirrel Scholarship: $2,500

Merit Scholarships for continuing students will be awarded based on the following ranking after each full academic year:

Top 10 (Ranked 1-10): $10,000

Next 10 (Ranked 11-20): $5,000

Next 10 (Ranked 21-30): $3,000

Note that rankings are determined by GPA. Students with the same GPA/ranking will be reviewed by a series of "tie-breakers" to differentiate scholarship award.