Irvin I. Donick, DPM, FACFAS

Irvin I. Donick, DPM, FACFAS is an esteemed OCPM Class of 1963 alumni, and is a 2018 inductee of the KSUCPM Hall of Fame Society.

Dr. Donick attended the University of Maryland, College Park before moving on to earn his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in 1963. In the years that followed, Dr. Donick went on to complete a Residency in Foot Surgery at Kern Hospital in Detroit, MI. Dr. Donick is a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgery. He has given back to the profession both nationally and internationally through various teaching positions as well, with positions including Director, Maryland Podiatry Residency Program; Professor, Essex Community College; Instructor, University of MD, Department of Family Practice; Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine; and as Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Donick also served as a Visiting Professor at the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem Israel in 1989.

Throughout his career as a podiatrist, Dr. Donick earned many honors including National Academics of Practice Distinguished Practitioners Award; Baltimore Magazine's Top Physician, 1995; Meritorious Service Award, Board of Trustees and House of Delegates, American Podiatric Medical Association; Distinguished Service Award, MD Podiatric Medical Association; Education Service Award 25 years as Director of Maryland Podiatric Residency Program; Award of Podiatry Residency Training, Health and Education Council, Podiatric Residency Programs; and Special Award of Contribution to Podiatric Education Region VIII, American Podiatric Medical Association. Following retirement from his position at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Towson, MD, Dr. Donick continued to be honored by his profession, including the Distinguished Emeritus Staff by Board of Directors of GBMC; Honorary Staff by Board of Directors, University of Maryland Medical Center; and Honorary Staff by Board of Directors, University of Maryland St. Joseph's Medical Center.

Dr. Donick is an established writer, with pieces in many journals, as well as two of his own textbooks, Podiatry for the Assistant, and Podiatry for the Assistant: Second Edition. 

Congratulations, Dr. Donick!