CPM Professor Receives University Faculty Recognition Award

CPM Professor Jill Kawalec has received the Kent State University Teaching Council's prestigious Faculty Recognition Award, which honors KSU faculty members who have made a difference in the life of a student. It is noteworthy that Dr. Kawalec is the first CPM faculty member to receive this coveted award, and what makes it more impressive is that the award is student driven. The best teachers ultimately realize that one of the most rewarding aspects of what they do is to make a significant difference. Dr. Kawalec was nominated by CPM student Laura Jackson. In the early days of the pandemic, with the suspension of face-to-face instruction, Dr. Kawalec took charge in those uncertain times. She pioneered the college's remote testing strategy, oversaw test delivery and remote proctoring, and personally monitored the administration of almost every exam. Behind the scenes, a multitude of student problems and issues arose - and were resolved by Dr. Kawalec. Student doctor Jackson praised Dr. Kawalec for her presence and leadership during these times:

"Dr. Kawalec has been super helpful since we started online classes. She's not even one of our professors currently but she is who we have started to go to when we need answers or information about what's going on in our courses... she goes above and beyond for us students and I want her to know that is seen and appreciated!"

On a daily basis, Professor Kawalec wears many leadership "hats" at the college, from Head of the Division of Preclinical Sciences, to the Director of Research, to Chairperson of many key CPM faculty committees. Both inside and outside of her division, Dr. Kawalec is known to be a tireless student advocate, mentor, and counsel. So it really comes as no surprise that Professor Jill Kawalec has been honored by the KSU Teaching Council Faculty Recognition Award.

Even more recently, Dr. Kawalec was honored with a Platinum Teaching Recognition Award for the Effect of the Jigsaw Method in Enhancing Learning of Biostatistics in a Medical School Curriculum. The Platinum Teaching Award is the highest tier in the award program, which serves to recognize actions that enhance teaching and learning in the University. Recipients are evaluated by a committee of faculty and pedagogy experts.

Not all awards hit their mark - but these are certainly well-deserved. Many thanks for all you do, Dr. Kawalec!

POSTED: Friday, July 8, 2022 09:27 AM
UPDATED: Thursday, June 13, 2024 05:02 PM