Gain New Patients as You Support KSUCPM

Podiatry Content Connection helps physicians gain visibility, connect, stay current, and gain new patients from the web.


Are you virtually invisible to people who are seeking podiatric help? 


Thanks to the top-notch training you received at KSUCPM, you are already a great physician. Your practice should be booming.  But the hard truth is: potential patients will never discover you unless you create a strong online presence—you appear on page one of Google searches, you have positive reviews, and you offer useful information on your mobile responsive website.


That’s where Podiatry Content Connection comes in. It’s an online marketing agency that serves only podiatric physicians, and they’ve been supporting KSUCPM for some time.


“Podiatry Content Connection is the industry leader in building, expanding and strengthening your web and social media presence,” Dr. Allan Boike, DPM, Dean of KSUCPM proclaims. “They have successfully worked with many of our alumni to significantly increase new patient volume within their practices. As a client, KSUCPM knows first-hand the great things that Podiatry Content Connection can do for you.


“Quality online content is at the heart of our comprehensive marketing strategy,” according to PCC President Jeff Hartman. “Properly curated, it is the key to reaching potential patients who are seeking and expecting immediate answers.”  


Every week, PCC clients receive a fresh, patient-centered blog, and a companion article.  This content, featured on practice websites and over social media, triggers a whole host of benefits leading to new patients. 



3 Ways that Quality Content Online Generates New Patient Leads:


1. It puts you out front on Google Search, Voice Search & in Directories


Ideally, patients searching for podiatry health information will find you on page one of Google and head to your website, ready for conversion to patients.


If you are not on page one of Google, you are invisible.  How do you climb to page one? Have a number of 4+ star reviews, a mobile-responsive website, and an organic SEO strategy (PCC can do all that for you).  And consistently updated content: Search engines reward new and relevant content, ranking your website higher up in organic search results—something that no amount of money can buy


DPM “Victoria” had this problem in late 2018.  Her practice was buried on page five of Google results for most treatment searches (i.e. heel pain treatment, foot doctor  near me).  PCC helped her out with her website, content and search engine optimization (SEO), and as of March 12, 2019, she had three entries on page one for a single heel pain search (including one in Google Maps).


2. It is Social Media Currency  


When interesting content is posted on your social media, people of all ages-- most of whom are outside of your current patient base-- become aware of you and your practice.  Should a potential patient, or any one in his or her circle, need a podiatrist, you will be top of mind.  


Social media allows users to informally engage with you or through sharing.  This goes beyond simple brand awareness into brand advocacy.  When people recommend you to others, we call this social proof.


3. Website Content is a Representation of your Knowledge


Educating patients, perhaps even before they’ve met you, accomplishes several goals. 

  • Establishes your Authority as an Expert. (Google’s algorithm also takes this into account.)
  • Potential patients choose your practice over others whose websites are less useful.
  • You may be the recipient of inbound links from outside articles and blogs. 
  • The more time someone invests in exploring your site, the more likely they will choose you as their provider.
  • Helps patients to put their problems in context and better describe their issues when they do see you.


Keeping your Patient Pipeline Full 


A steady flow of new patients is the key to having a healthy business.  So, what are you doing to keep your new patient pipeline continuously flowing?   Attracting and gaining new patients is not an ad-hoc endeavor. It requires a comprehensive online marketing strategy.


It requires you to put in a lot of work.


Wait, that’s not true!


You don’t need to put in hours.  The twelve years or so that you spent becoming a Podiatrist was not so you could become an expert marketer.  You don’t have to do it yourself. You need a team of experts who will do it for you. 



PODIATRY CONTENT CONNECTION offers a powerful program, designed specifically for Podiatrists, to attract new patients, protect or enhance your reputation online, remain viable in a competitive field, and do it all in a time-and-cost effective manner.


To claim a Free 2019 Practice Acceleration Session, text or call Randy Rosler at 917-572-5088 to set up an appointment.


Why Podiatry Content Connection?

  • We ONLY cater to Podiatrists…we’re specialists just like you!
  • We have a 96% retention rate as most of our customers enjoy a 10X ROI
  • Buyer Protection Performance Guarantee in writing
  • We support KSUCPM educational programming and scholarship funds. 

Podiatry Content Connection Are the Experts

  • Content Marketing
  • Customized Mobile-Responsive Podiatry Websites
  • Directory Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Weekly Social Media Posts
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Podiatric Video Library
  • Algorithmically-Driven Reputation Management Tools
  • Periodic Progress Reporting and Review Calls
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