An Update from the Student Affairs Office

How CPM Student Affairs is introducing podiatry to high schools, and current students to administration

Students Introduce Local High Schools to Podiatric Medicine

Being a podiatry student in 2020 isn’t just about going to class and studying. Today’s students at KSUCPM are motivated by something more: What will the future of the profession look like, and who will be serving in it? A new project, spearheaded by the enrollment team at KSUCPM, allows our students to make an impression and spread the word about podiatry with the next generation of clinicians.

KSUCPM students are lining up to assist with workshops throughout Northeast Ohio, including one recently held for Independence High School’s Biology Society. The workshops, often taping and suturing, draw dozens of students that demonstrate potential interest in a career in medicine. KSUCPM students, along with a practicing DPM on site, are eager and proud to work with the participants and introduce them to their world of podiatry.

The enrollment team has plans for several more workshops this Spring , and is confident knowing that the passion of its students will inspire a new generation of foot & ankle surgeons.



Coffee & Conversation:

The start of a new year is the perfect time to implement new traditions at KSUCPM. This year, the KSUCPM Student Affairs team has implemented “Coffee & Conversation” to bring our students, faculty and administration together for a casual coffee date to talk life outside of the classroom and clinic. Administration is working to bridge the gap with students and hear feedback on a consistent and personal basis to ensure their voices are heard and needs, met.

UPDATED: Sunday, July 21, 2024 02:57 PM